Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Interactive speed signs on Badminton Road, Coalpit Heath

I recently reported a fault with the Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) on the A432 Badminton Road near the Viaduct as you enter Coalpit Heath from the Bristol direction. I am informed that there have been a number of manufacturing problems with these signs since they were commissioned and the north bound sign has now been removed to the manufacturer for repair. It will be reinstalled as soon as it is returned. The signs will be monitored for future problems.

Road closure postponed

Due to today's heavy rain, it will not be possible to lay the new anti-slip surface tomorrow as planned. The road will now be closed for the work to be done at a later date.

Road closure postponed

Due to the heavy rain today, plans to put a high-friction surface on the Westerleigh Road/Broad Lane junction have had to be postponed, so the road will not now be closed.

Westerleigh Road closure

Westerleigh Road will be closed around the junction with Broad Lane on 26th July 2007 to allow a high-friction surface to be laid. It's hoped this will reduce the number of accidents where cars lose control on the sharp bend.