Thursday, 10 April 2008

Still no sign of new composting site

It is now five weeks since SITA withdrew their application to build a massive composting facility in the green belt near Westerleigh.

At the time, they suggested that they were switching their attentions to a nearby brown field site, still in the green belt. Last month Claire Young took the opportunity to question the council's Cabinet member responsible for Waste Heather Goddard.

While agreeing with Claire that the best place for an IVC was on an industrial park, the Executive Member said we don't have such sites in South Gloucestershire. She did say however that SITA are looking at two sites not in the green belt. That would appear to be a change from what SITA had said previously in public.

During the public consultation on the previous SITA application, some residents were concerned that the technology SITA were proposing to use was out of date with a reputation elsewhere for odour problems. When Claire put this to the Executive Member she was told that the Council has the chance to influence the details of the technology but the type of facility is specified in the contract and if a major change of technology was requested the contract would need re-writing, with the costs and risks involved falling on the Council rather than SITA.

Your local Focus team strongly supports weekly food waste collections, so Claire was also keen to find out what fall back plans there are in place if SITA fail to construct a facility in time. The Cabinet member said that SITA were looking at interim arrangements and promised a written response to the question of whether SITA or the Council would bear the cost of this.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

More on the takeaway application

The plans to turn the old Post Office into a takeaway were raised at tonight's Safer Stronger Community Group meeting. Concerns raised included parking problems, litter and smells.

Local Councillor Claire Young spoke to the case officer about the consultation with residents on Wedensday morning. He explained that for applications of this nature, only those properties that share a boundary (or are directly opposite) are consulted. This appears to have been done. The plans should be available to view in the Yate One Stop Shop. Issues such as youths hanging around late at night or litter could be dealt with by approppriate conditions on opening times, provision of bins and so on.

At the SSCG meeting, one resident said that the plans had disappeared from the website. They appear to be there at the time of writing this post but if anyone has further concerns about this, please contact Claire Young.

The Chair of the Parish Council confirmed that this application will be considered at Monday's Parish Council meeting in the Manor Hall, Coalpit Heath.

Safer Stronger Community Group - latest priorities

At tonight's meeting of the Frampton Cotterell and Westerleigh Safer Stronger Community Group, the following top three priorities were identified:

  1. Speeding motorbikes and vandalism along Broad Lane and in a neighbouring field

  2. Drug problem in Frampton Cotterell

  3. Request for traffic calming in Westerleigh village

Other issues discussed included the takeaway application (more in a separate post), vandalism at Westerleigh Village Hall and speeding on Park Lane.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Takeaway plans in Westerleigh

An application has been made to turn the old Post Office at Westerleigh into a takeaway. If you have any comments you would like to make either for or against the proposals you can do so online by viewing the case file and clicking on the "Comment on application" link.

Safer Stronger Community Group on Wednesday

The next meeting of the Frampton Cotterell and Westerleigh Safer Stronger Community Group is at 7.30pm on Wednesday 2nd April 2008 at Westerleigh Village Hall. You can read more on the Avon and Somerset police site.