Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Phone mast appeal

Many people are asking what is happening with the phone mast appeal. Claire Young has discussed it with the Case Officer, who assures her that when the Planning Inspectorate notifies the Council of the appeal, the Council will write to all objectors for whom they have addresses.

The appeal will be decided by written representations. That means that rather than holding a public inquiry, the Planning Inspector will consider written submissions from the applicant, the Council and objectors. All the original comments will be forwarded on but you can send the Inspector further comments if you wish. Details of where to send them will be on the letters that go out.

On a related subject, those who attended the public meeting may recall that the meeting called on South Gloucestershire Council to take a co-ordinated approach to mobile phone mast applications. Claire Young raised this issue in a question to the Cabinet Member responsible for planning at January's meeting of full Council. You can read the question, supplementary question and responses starting on page 10 of the minutes.

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