Saturday, 3 May 2008

Housing bombshell - have your say

As you may have read in the last Focus, the Minister is currently considering recommendations for an extra 30,800 homes in South Gloucestershire. At the same time, South Gloucestershire Council has to consult on where the new housing should go. If you care about how much Yate and our villages should grow over the next 20 years you need to get involved NOW!

Yesterday South Gloucesterhire Council officially launched its "Core Strategy Issues and Options" consultation. This runs for only 6 weeks, which means your comments have to be in by June 13th. You can read the document on line at Alternatively printed copies should be at the One Stop Shops in Yate, Thornbury and Kingswood, at all South Gloucestershire libraries, including the mobile and at the Brockeridge Centre.

You can have your say either on-line, by following the link from the Core Strategy page, or by using the Questionnaire Response Booklet. These can be obtained by phoning 01454 863469 or emailing . Alternatively, you can download the 47 page response booklet to print yourself from the consultation website by clicking "Respond to Consultation" and then "Respond by Post".

Don’t be put off by the length of the Core Strategy document! You may be interested in some or all of it. The section that deals with Yate/Chipping Sodbury starts
on page 99 and the section that deals with our villages, headed Rural Settlements, on page 117.

At this stage no villages are mentioned. There are 3 alternative Options put forward to get views on the best way to decide where development should be allowed. Questions 79-82 in the Response Booklet cover these. It is important to let the Planning Team know your view as they will use the responses they get as a basis for the next stage of consultation – the Preferred Options.

If you need help with this or have difficulty accessing the document, please contact one of your FOCUS TEAM (see the link on the right).

Steve Webb at a packed public meeting to discuss the proposals for 5000 new homes in Yate

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