Friday, 23 July 2010

Mine shaft collapse update

Your Focus Team has now met a representative of the Coal Authority to look at their plans for tackling the collapsed mine shaft in Woodend Road.

The work is due to start on Monday 26th July with the aim of completing it in the school holidays as the diversion will send traffic past Highcroft School. Notice has been short because of the time taken to confirm the problem was caused by coal mining and to secure the funds for the repair.

The road will only be closed between the Ridge and Badminton Road (some people have been misled by the closure warning sign being located the other side of the Post Office). You will still be able to access both the Post Office and the NISA by road if coming from the Lower Stone Close direction. Initially the route will be closed to pedestrians as well as vehicles but they hope to open up a path on one side of the road or the other once they've established exactly where they will be working.

Having confirmed the position of the shaft, they will fill it and dig trenches around it to fill with concrete to form a "collar" on which the shaft cap can sit. There will need to be a break of several days to allow this concrete to cure before the rest of the work can be completed, so if they seem to have abandoned work, don't assume they're taking a long tea break! The road will be fully reinstated before they leave.

If are not one of the residents or business owners that has been contacted directly by the Coal Authority and you have any queries in the next couple of weeks, please contact Claire Young.

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