Saturday, 15 December 2012

Help stop spread of ash disease

South Gloucestershire Council is asking local people to report sightings of a fungal disease killing local ash treea in order to prevent it spreading further.

Ash die back originated in Europe and has spread into the UK, including parts of South Gloucestershire. Symptoms of the disease include leaf death, with dead leaves typically hanging on the tree. This is followed by death of the tree’s branches.

As well as reporting suspect sightings, if you have an affected tree on your land it needs to be burnt on site to destroy spores that spread the disease. You can find more information on the council's website. Trees on private land are the responsibility of the landowner, and the council website includes advice on choosing a tree surgeon for people who may need to deal with affected trees.

Members of the public can report suspected sightings of the disease by telephoning 01454 868000 or emailing the team at .

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