Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Have your say on approach to identifying extra land for housing

As we previously reported, South Gloucestershire Council has to identify more land for housing - around an extra 1,500 homes over the next 5 years. The council has now started a consultation on the process it proposes to follow to do this.

You can find the consultation document, supporting documents and response forms at:

You have until close of business on Friday 8th January 2016 to make your comments.

You can also find out more and have your say on the proposed process at a public drop-in event between 4pm and 8pm on Monday 14th December at Kingswood Civic Centre.

What about the Local Green Spaces?

Because a number of sites proposed for Local Green Space (LGS) designation have also been proposed as potential housing sites, work on identifying additional housing allocations and on designating LGS needs to be considered together. An update is available at

What happens next?

After the consultation has finished, officers will consider all the responses and prepare a revised draft PSP Plan for the council to consider. If the council decides to submit this revised draft, there will then be a formal public consultation, planned for summer 2016.

What about the comments I made in the summer?

If you commented during the summer on the Proposed Submission version of the PSP Plan (dated March 2015), your representations will be made available with all the others online at and will still be taken into consideration. At the formal consultation stage the council will write to all respondents asking for confirmation that they still wish their comments to be considered by the Inspector, so you won't need to re-submit them.

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