Thursday, 25 February 2016

Have your say on library cuts

This week the council launched a consultation on cuts to libraries of £650,000.

The ruling Conservatives' preferred option would involve closing the mobile library that serves our rural communities along with Chipping Sodbury Library and cutting smaller libraries like Winterbourne to two days a week opening funded by South Glos. Main libraries like Yate and Thornbury would have their hours cut by 8 hours per week on average. They would then look to local communities and volunteers make up some of the lost hours.

The libraries might also be impacted by a review of council buildings.

You can find out more, including information packs for each individual library, and make your comments here until 13th May.

Your Focus Team thinks that protecting services like youth provision and libraries is more important than cutting 50p per month off the green bin charge. If you agree, please sign our petition as well as responding to the council.

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