Friday, 9 March 2018

Quiet Lanes Scheme - latest updates

Claire campaigning for safety
improvements in Ruffet Road in 2011
I recently met residents and highways officers regarding the ongoing problems with rat running through Ruffet Road/Coalsack Lane. During the Bromley Heath Viaduct Closure there have been even worse problems with traffic driving up on to the pavement where the road is narrow, including HGVs that shouldn’t be accessing the lanes as there is a weight restriction in place.

In the short term, the highways officers have got agreement from the police that they will aim to have a presence on site in the near future.

In the new financial year, a number of options are being considered to tackle this problem as well as reduce casualties at the Kendleshire Crossroads. There will be a consultation process on this in due course.

Officers also explained why the vegetation has been cut back at the Coalsack Road/Westerleigh Road junction. The barriers that run along to the M4 overbridge on Westerleigh Road have old wooden supports which do not meet current standards and need replacing. This has been scheduled for the coming financial year, but at the point the work will be done there may be nesting birds present. They have therefore carried out the vegetation clearance in advance, in line with their standard practice.

Elsewhere in the Quiet Lanes Scheme, the 20mph limit for Ram Hill/Serridge Lane/Broad Lane (Ram Hill end) is being recommended to go ahead.

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