Friday, 13 April 2018

Latest section of Yate Spur cycle path open

We are delighted that the latest section of the Yate Spur cycle path, from Westerleigh Road to Broad Lane, Westerleigh, is now open.


Anonymous said...

The path is not wide enough for two bikes or a bike and pedestrian to pass safely. It can only be considered a single file path, and is actually quite dangerous if used like most cycle paths. There will most likely be accidents due to the poor planning and design. I predict cyclists will not use the new path for this reason. Very disapointing.

Claire Young said...

Thank you for raising your concerns about the path. When I was there last week, in the middle of a week day, it already seemed to be well used. I did raise the narrowness of the path with officers, I understand there were compromises for planning reasons.