Monday, 7 November 2011

More cardboard recycling bags coming!

Despite having insisted there would be no more bags for cardboard recycling, South Glos have caved in to the huge demand and ordered some more.

Over the last few months your Focus Team has been challenging the Tory Cabinet Member responsible to sort out the chaotic distribution of the first 40,000 bags and last week he admitted lessons needed to be learnt. Many people were unaware the bags were ready to collect and where from as the Council didn’t tell them. By the time they found out via the grapevine the bags were gone. Others who did strike lucky were able to walk off with dozens at a time. Trying to find out which distribution points still had bags was nigh on impossible with the website not reflecting the situation on the ground.

We’re now told the new bags will be distributed in the same way as all the other recycling bags. You will be able to call the Council Contact Centre on 01454 868000 to request one and it will be delivered to your house. The Council don’t yet know when the new bags will arrive but they promise that the latest updates will be on their website. Let’s hope this new process works much more smoothly.

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