Thursday, 3 November 2011

More houses for our villages?

Representatives of Barratts have had a meeting with a South Gloucestershire Planning Officer as they are preparing a planning application for Woodlands in Coalpit Heath. This is the remaining fields between The Meads (the new houses currently being built next to Park Lane) and the railway line.

This area of land is over twice the size of The Meads so there could be a very large number of houses built there. Details of what is proposed are expected later this month.

Please let us know whether you are opposed to yet more houses here or whether they would be acceptable if they came with more local facilities. You can find contact details for Pat, Dave and Claire here.


Les Barnes said...

The coalition government is hell bent on making life easier for developers by relaxing planning regulations, so our local lib dem reps should not be surprised by this proposal. Also, why are possible new facilities for Coalpit Heath reliant on this development? Why can't we have them anyway? We pay enough council tax, or is that reserved for magnificent new council offices!

Unknown said...

Thank you to you both for your comments.

In reply to Les, developers are required to contribute to the extra facilities that the new residents will need, either providing them when they build the development or by paying the Council to provide them. This is currently done through the developer and the Council signing what is known as a Section 106 Agreement before the planning consent is granted.

Throughout the country, including in South Gloucestershire, there is a very significant shortage of homes. In an attempt to lessen the strong opposition to new development which usually occurs, the Government has decided that Councils should be given a grant for 6 years for every new home that becomes occupied. This is based on its Council Tax band. You can read more about it here:

The Council Tax which the Council raises each year does not even cover the cost of providing the services that local people need, such as collecting rubbish, supporting elderly and disabled people in their homes and providing youth workers.

Unknown said...

On 29 November 2011, Rachel T left the following comment on the contacts page:

I would not support the proposed Woodlands develoments. What planners seem to forget is the impact on the local infrastructure and facilities such as local schools and GP surgeries. Traffic getting out of Frampton is already difficult in the morning, our local schools are full.... are Barretts offering to build another school and a local bypass? I think not!