Friday, 8 March 2013

Sewage still getting into River Frome

Dave Hockey has been campaigning for over 10 years now to get Wessex Water to stop their sewage discharges into the River Frome.
Their first attempt about 6 years ago to install a fine mesh filter at a bend in the river near Cog Mill, Iron Acton failed completely and we continued to get sewage debris strewn over the river banks whenever floodwater subsided following heavy rainfall.

Wessex Water carried out a major multi million pound scheme last year next to the ford at Cog Mill on a straight part of the river. As the picture on the right shows, that has clearly also failed to stop the problem.

Local residents are horrified that in 2013 they still have to suffer this appalling problem along our much loved and used Frome Valley Walkway. Dave Hockey will be asking Wessex Water what they are going to do now to fix the problem.

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