Friday, 1 April 2016

Lorries outside Sainsbury's - a reminder

Back in January Claire Young asked people to send her details of any problems caused by lorries parking on Badminton Road outside the new Sainsbury's store in Coalpit Heath. Thank you to those who have sent in emails, sometimes with photos and videos attached. It's important that highways officers understand what is happening to help them decide what, if any, action is needed.

Do keep on sending Claire your reports. It would be helpful if you could say if the lorry was unloading/loading or just parked so the driver could buy things from the store, but the most important thing is to know when it is happening.


karl bowes said...

I never knew you could have so many pathetic people that got nothing better to do
if you think that a problem which I don't I mean one lorry at a time not a convoy.
Go outside Nisa Woodend Rd and see the parking there let alone the speed they go past,At least Badminton Rd is wide enough to go around any one parked there and there have not been a problem.

Anonymous said...

It is a problem because people exiting the car park cannot see if anything is coming as their view is obstructed which increases the risk of an accident

Claire Young said...

As anonymous says, the concern here is that the lorries obstruct the view. When the planning permission was granted the council secured a commitment from the Sainsbury’s developer to fund a permanent traffic regulation order (TRO) if parking issues developed on Badminton Road as a result of the development. Officers need to understand the extent of the problem before considering whether a TRO is necessary.