Friday, 29 April 2016

Continuing risk to countryside

Houses are still not being built quickly enough on the major sites in South Gloucestershire that were supposed to provide the new homes we need. This means developers are likely to get permission for houses on land intended to be protected. It’s already happening in Thornbury, which is rapidly expanding across green fields towards the A38.

Strategic planning documents are never an easy read, but it’s vital for all our futures that new housing is properly planned and in the right place. So a huge thank you to everyone who waded through the draft Policy, Sites and Places (PSP) planning document for South Glos and the draft Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) for the West of England and made comments.

Your input will be needed again!

Overall housing numbers for the West of England, including South Gloucestershire’s share, are currently being reviewed as part of the draft Joint Spatial Plan (JSP). Planners are currently analysing the hundreds of responses to the first round of consultation earlier this year and you can find out more on the emerging themes on the West of England website. The first draft of the JSP including recommended transport investment is due to be published for consultation in September.

In June, councillors will be making a decision on the next steps for the Policy, Sites and Places (PSP) planning document. The PSP was originally intended to provide both detailed planning policies to be used when making decisions on planning applications and allocations of additional land for houses. The planners are now recommending it should just focus on the policies, with the additional land being allocated through the new Local Plan after the numbers and broad locations have been identified in the Joint Spatial Plan (JSP). You will get the chance to have your say on the Local Plan later this year and next and it will be completed during 2018. For more information about the PSP visit

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