Wednesday, 4 May 2016

First step in investigation into 20mph limit on Ram Hill

Back in March, the final Frome Vale Area Forum agreed that there should be an investigation into a possible 20mph limit on Ram Hill.

Claire Young and the Ram Hill Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator recently met a South Glos highways officer on site as the first step in this investigation. The council will be putting down loops to monitor the current speed of traffic, which will be a factor in deciding whether further traffic calming measures would be needed. If they are, officers would have to take into account factors such as the narrowness of the road, the lack of street lighting, the fact it is a bus route and the desire not to urbanise the road. We looked at the best locations for the loops to be installed and also walked down Serridge Lane to look at the problems there.

The officer stressed that this is just an investigation scheme. Any proposals that come out of it would go on the Priority List to be considered for funding in a future financial year. In the past, local people would have been able to go along to the local Area Forum, which had a budget of £100,000 each year for local schemes, but unfortunately the forums have been scrapped.

The officer went back to the office with her plan marked up with notes. Among the other issues we discussed were where the best starting point would be and whether the existing wooden posts could be reused.

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