Friday, 2 February 2018

Consent given for 3 new houses in the Green Belt on Bristol Road

Local residents and Frampton Cotterell South Glos Councillors are horrified that consent has been given for three new houses in the Green Belt on Bristol Road.

At the planning committee meeting on 25th January, the application to build 3 new houses on Green Belt land in a paddock between the bungalow at 119 Bristol Road at the entrance to the former Sunbeam Nursery site and the front garden of 127 Bristol Road was approved by councillors despite strong objections from local Cllrs Pat and Dave Hockey, Frampton Cotterell Parish Council and several local residents.

When the planning officer’s report was written and the recommendation for approval was given, no account was taken of the reason why the Government Inspector turned down a recent appeal in May 2015 against refusal of planning consent “for the erection of a triple garage with accommodation above” in the front garden of 127 Bristol Road because it “was found to disturb the openness of the site and thereby the Green Belt”.

This should have been taken into account by the Planning Officer before the recommendation was made – so should the grade of the land (Grade 2 – “Very good” agricultural land). These issues were only investigated at Dave Hockey’s request when he realised they had not been considered.

Local residents stated in their objections to this application that:

  • The recommendation for approval sets a dangerous precedent.
  • If this application is approved it will open the floodgates.
  • If this application is approved houses will be built all the way along Bristol Road in the Green Belt.
  • The Green Belt should be protected for all, not disregarded for the short term financial interest of a few. 
 A recorded vote was taken so the split along political party lines can be seen.

To find the details of the planning application, go to the planning application search page and enter reference number PT17/2904/O .

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