Thursday, 10 May 2018

Update following Ruffet Road/Coalsack Lane drop in

Despite the short notice, there was a huge turnout for the three hour drop-in consultation event on Wednesday to discuss the Ruffet Road/Coalsack Lane experimental closure proposals.

Most people agreed that something needed to be done to reduce the number of accidents at Kendleshire crossroads but there were many different views on the best way of doing this. Officers will be taking all the views back to the Cabinet Member responsible so that he can make a decision on what to do next. If you haven't already done so, or wish to submit a revised response, please fill in the consultation online.

One concern was whether comments made before 30th April have the same weight as those submitted since. Officers have assured me that they will take any of the responses into account, either before or after 30th April but multiple responses from the same individual must be treated as a single submission. They will take the most recent response as the relevant one.

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