Friday, 11 May 2018

Update on Codrington broadband delivery problems

The council have informed us:
You may be aware that the delivery of broadband to West Codrington has been delayed. We’ve come up against a number of issues in this area, which mean we can’t install fibre through underground ducting to supply this area as we normally would, so need to explore more complex, costly and time-consuming engineering solutions.

Specifically, the existing ducting in this area is blocked, preventing us from running additional cables through it and as the section of road where the ducting is blocked has recently been completely resurfaced, legislation prevents us from digging up the road to clear it. Additionally, a high pressure water main means we can’t install new ducting or poles along the edge of the road.

We continue to explore alternative engineering solutions with a specialist Openreach team, but aren’t able to provide a definitive delivery date in this area at this time.
There is rather better news for other villages in our area - for more information, see the full update here.

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